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A stroll across the old railroad, enjoying one of the best moments of your life. NaSaDen is forever your best travel partner.

New Schloss Sanssouci Series Zipper Luggage

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Heidelberg Series Aluminium Frame Luggage

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22" New Schloss Sanssouci Series

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NaSaDen Schiffer [Luxury]

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Travel Accessory

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Travel Clothes Separate Bag

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Zipper Luggage Limited Edition

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NaSaDen Luggage

Treat yourself to a NaSaDen DreamBox today and get planning for your next trip tomorrow. 

At NaSaDen our luggage solutions are DreamBoxes, designed to get you with comfort and ease from your home to the airport check out counter, having you onboard and enjoying your flight without any worries. We custom build our DreamBox to suit your needs. Every item is thoroughly checked ensuring that every single DreamBox is of the highest quality before it reaches you, our loyal customers.

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NaSaDen New Schloss Sanssouci Series [ NORTHEN BLACK ] 22" Zipper Carry on Luggage(pre-order)
NaSaDen New Schloss Sanssouci Series [ NORTHEN BLACK ] 22" Zipper Carry on Luggage(pre-order)
  • $306.00

New Schloss Sanssouci Series

NaSaDen Luggage

We Create Your Perfect DreamBox.

Treat yourself to a NaSaDen DreamBox today and get planning for your next trip tomorrow.

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There is so much to be learned through travel. Let NaSaDen accompany you on your next journey.

I travel quite often for my job, in turn a quality carryon is needed. I often travel with just a carryon so there are a few things that I look for when buying one. 4- wheels, hard case and light weight are the most important features for me. It makes it much easier to glide a carryon than roll it. A hard case will make it last longer (the Nasaden one even comes with a cover for travel). I prefer a lightweight piece of luggage so that I don't waste any weight that could be used for my own things.
Some of the added features that I like- the inside has a few different pockets which makes it easier. It is also padded and will keep your items from getting harmed. Lastly, it has a code/zipper lock which gives you extra protection against people opening up your suitcase.
Overall I am very happy with this piece of luggage and I would recommend it to others. The only comment I want to add is that there is no extended layer that some suitcases come with.


I love the streamlined design and high quality construction. the TSA lock is really nice and the wheels are super smooth. This is my new goto for all business travel.

Kristie Mann

I’m so impressed with this luggage brand, from their communication to the way the luggage was packaged (it’s got its own little cover case). I just got back from a month long trip in Scotland and this carry-on is the best luggage I’ve owned. No issues with the wheels, super lightweight, lots of space, durable sturdy zipper. I’ve overpacked this thing, and the zipper has no problem zipping up (I have had issues with both Kenneth Cole and Samsonite luggage with faulty zippers and wheels). I love how the zipper tabs lock into place. It handles great, and I have no complaints whatsoever. Also bought with the Schiffer bag, which is the same quality and beautiful color combo.


I recently used this luggage for my trip to China and it was perfect! It's the perfect size for international travel. I was away for 10 days and traveled to three different cities where the weather was variable and this luggage fit all my clothes, coats, shoes, accessories and allowed me the space to bring gifts back for friends and family. The roller wheels are smooth and easy to push. I highly recommend this luggage for those looking for a larger size but also aesthetically pleasing!

Marilyn Hucek

I have been always looking for a luggage for my week-long trips. This one has excelled any other I have tried . The 26" luggage provides a perfect size for my clothes and travel sets. The inner divider makes it perfect to sort my stuffs: easy to pack and take things out. The coffee-gold color outsides stands out for luggage claim but not too conspicuous during commute. The purple inner color matches the outside perfectly. Plus the high quality of the zippers and wheels makes it so easier to use compared to other luggage. I highly recommend it and will definitely buy another one or two for my other types of travel or as gifts for my family.


As a constant traveler for work, I am pretty impressed with this luggage. At 22" it is the perfect carry-on size. It is extremely lightweight and rather durable. The 360 spinning wheel allows for convenient movement. The zippers are really smooth and shows no issues of sticking. I would highly recommend this luggage to anybody. Comes in fun colors for you to choose from.

Nathan Ma

I am so glad I purchased this luggage. It arrived in pristine condition and looks amazing. It is extremely easy to roll, even over bumps and uneven surfaces which is very helpful when traveling. I love the inside compartments and that each side has a full zip closure. I would definitely purchase this luggage again.

The Style Drive Thru

I love the hard casing shell on this luggage and the fact that it's a roller is definitely a plus. The size is perfect for me as I love to over pack and the suitcase itself is very lightweight so it's perfect for packing all the essentials and more. I love the color too, I have it in silver and it's the perfect neutral. The design is also amazing since there are zipper compartments to store your items which makes it easy to pack. This is definitely a must buy!

Tasha Hass

2 things I look for on a luggage are lightweight and quality and this has both! I do a ton of domestic and international travels and this luggage has withstand them all! The outside design and the inner liner are luxurious and love the zipper compartments inside! Can easily pack all my essentials! And the wheels roll so effortlessly! Highly recommend!


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