FAQs - NaSaDen Luggage

What are the carry on requirements for most major airlines?

Although restrictions do vary from airline to airline, the standard requirements are 22”x14”x9” (45 linear inches).

What can I do if my bag is damaged by the airline?

If your bag is damaged by an airline, you should immediately file a damage claim with the airline.

What is the largest bag allowed to be checked?

 Being that different airlines have different restrictions and fees regarding this matter, you may want to contact the airline directly. Rule of thumb would be no bigger than a 27in.

Can the wheels on this case handle a mile or so of wet, dirt/gravel roads?

The wheels of NaSaDen luggage can easy to handle a mile or so of wet, dirt/gravel roads.

What is the volume normal and expanded?

This luggage cannot be expanded.The volume of luggage in 22” is 32L. The volume of luggage in 26” is 60L. The volume of luggage in 29” is 90L.

Is it water resistant or proof?

The shell is definitely water proof. However, the zipper or aluminium frame will be likely to seep if the rain is too heavy.