Nasaden Luggage Review from Leslie in California

Nasaden Luggage Review from Leslie in California

From Leslie in California.
It comes as no surprise. I love to travel.

Travel allows us to experience new cultures, traditions, foods, languages and people. It broadens our perspectives and allows us to learn new ideas.

I know we are going through a pandemic and to think about traveling abroad right now, seems a bit a far-fetched. But, I always remind myself that all things are temporary. I have faith that there will be treatment options for COVID-19 in the near future. And even though I will not travel abroad this year because of the corona virus, I still enjoy doing research and planning for future trips.

But, what is a wonderful trip, without a great luggage?

I’d like to share with you guys the NaSaDen luggage. This luggage is pure luxury. I love it! My luggage came in the color Rose Gold, and is 28.” The perfect size for trips on which you plan to stay longer periods.

The luggage presentation right out of the box is so endearing. The first thing you see when you open the box, is a manual in the shape of a luggage, which explains warranty policies and instructions on how to reset your lock. Unfortunately for me, the manual wasn’t helpful. The instructions were not for my particular luggage. What did help were the instructions that were attached to the luggage handle. I think the manual should be revised to fit the instructions found on the handle tag. Other than that slight oversight, the tag instructions were very easy to understand and I was able to add a new combination swiftly!

The luggage is covered in a black protection. This is so neat because it can be stored without the fear of it collecting a lot of dust, or being accidentally scratched.

Image 8-6-20 at 11.20 PM


To my surprise, my order also came with a Schiffer Bag. It is so convenient to store your carry on items, like your laptop, chargers, books, etc. I know I will be using this bag often!

Image 8-6-20 at 11.13 PM

What I really like about this luggage is that it is so lightweight. No one likes carrying heavy bags out of the airport. I am so looking forward to using it on my next vacation.

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The luggage glides so swiftly on the floor. I like the sturdiness of the luggage too. I know my items will be very well protected.

Image 8-6-20 at 11.34 PM

Don’t worry about TSA — this luggage is TSA approved! They will be able to open your bag if need be; so you can add that combination!

Now, let’s talk about the inside of this luggage. I always struggle with other bags because there are no compartments to separate or organize clothes, shoes, undies, what have you.

The NaSaDen bag takes care of these problems. It has built in organizers. This is so convenient; makes finding outfits so easy!

Image 8-6-20 at 11.32 PM

Though this is a paid partnership with NaSaDen, you guys know that I am very truthful about products I endorse. I haven’t taken it out for a spin yet because of COVID-19. But, I will give an updated review once I’ve used it more often. I love the look and feel of this luggage. I definitely recommend investing in one!

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Though we can’t travel yet, we can still dream and plan for when we are able to do so one day!

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