Plus it has my requirement: 360° rolling wheels!


 Guess what?? Tim and I have a little one night babymoon getaway planned here in a month! It’s all booked and I’m so excited!! We haven’t done this with every baby but gosh I’m thinking it should be a requirement for all couples! Do you guys do them? What do you do and how do you plan to relax (or adventure if that’s the case)? It’s never to early to go on one and honestly, I kinda like to go earlier in pregnancy rather than later so I can actually breathe normal when I walk and eat more food before I can’t fit it all in. Because food is one of my love languages! 😂 Another bonus? With just the two of us we pack in the same bag! I mean, easy peasy when you aren’t bringing along 4 little ones. And I’ve been using a bag as old as the hills (ok maybe just from when I was in high school) so it was time for an upgrade! I never thought I would like a hard shell suitcase but after traveling a couple times with them boy do I! And this one from @nasaden_story(available on Amazon in several colors) is perfect because inside it has all the compartments perfectly organized. That’s pretty great to keep my nicely folded clothes separate from Tim’s loosely rolled up clothes 😂 Guess we aren’t totally alike yet! Plus it has my requirement: 360° rolling wheels! You can shop this @nasaden_story suitcase on amazon! I’ll add a swipe up in my stories! .