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The best packing tips ever when traveling


luggage packing tips

When traveling, people always tend to bring a lot of supplies. Trying to cram everything into your suitcase. Indeed, the anxiety of figuring out how to make it all a fit can make you stress. But with below some best packing tips, you can enjoy stress-free packing.


  1. List essential items to pack

Before packing, make a list that includes everything you might need for any trip. And then highlight the items you will need for a particular trip.

Besides, try to list important items such as passport, identification, money, credit cards, jewelry, electronics to pack in your carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage. They are extremely important items that you need to protect carefully.


  1. Buy the right luggage & suitcase

To pack essential things for your vacation, you need to have a good luggage bag. A suitcase is an ideal choice to make packing and unpacking very easy. You can pack what you need in a good-sized carry-on. And is a perfect luggage solution for your trip.

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  1. Using packing cubes

To save space, you should use packing cubes. They keep clothes neat, organized and make them easier to find in your luggage. You can have one large cube for your clothes, a small cube for underwear, electronic accessories (chargers, cables). When using packing cubes, your clothes will be less creased.

Choose lightweight fabrics and you'll be amazed at how many items are packed in your bag. Lightweight fabric cubes are also easier to wash by hand and dry faster.


  1. Roll clothes and use a Ziploc bag

best packing tips

Ziploc bag is a perfect packing way when traveling. To save space and avoid wrinkles, roll your clothes, do not fold, then put them in the Ziploc bag so it's not too full.

Besides, using ziplock bags will help clothes to be arranged in an orderly, clean, easy to fold and take out. You can also use a Ziploc bag for dirty clothes.


  1. Buy travel-size toiletries

Instead of carrying heavy bottles, buy travel-size liquid toiletries, makeup, skincare, and put all in a ziplock bag. They fit in your luggage and don’t take up too much space. Besides, travel-size items are inexpensive so you can restock them when necessary.


  1. Arrange shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space, so choose lightweight and foldable pairs. Use elastic bands to make them more compact and easy to fold.

best packing tips for traveling

You should place your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase to save space. Besides, don't place bulky shoes next to each other, pack them separately to utilize the space in your suitcase. For flats and flip-flops, pack last. You could also place them on top of your clothes once you are finished packing.


  1. Pack the first outfit you'll want to wear on top

To save time to search for a suitable outfit for each activity, try to pack the first outfit you'll want to wear on top. That way, when you arrive, you can take it out easily. Your clothes will be less likely to wrinkle.

So it's better to think about what you’ll wear in advance and arrange them.


  1. Place heavy items at the base

Be careful of weightier things like books, shoes, boots, much more. Put them at the base of your suitcase. Besides, consider cutting down heavy items if your luggage is over-packing because you’ll be tired if you have to bring much luggage.


  1. Fill dead space

best packing tips for travel

When it comes to packing, take advantage of every little inch of suitcase space that you can. You should try to roll small items such as underwear, socks, tops, much more and then stuff them into your shoes. In this way, every possible space is filled. You can pack many items better.


  1. Avoid stains

To avoid stains, you should always make sure your light-colored clothes are packed inside out. You can use available things like shower caps to cover the base of your shoes.



Above are just some best packing tips when traveling. These tips truly help you a lot in packing. People often think that it is not possible to bring all the necessary supplies for a long holiday in hand luggage. But with some tips, this is workable. Now it’s time to take this advice and start your holiday happier.


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